100 Info Barrel Articles Experiment To Make Money On The Internet

Hey guys, I thought I’d give you all an update about my experiment regarding my Info Barrel earnings since I started the experiment last month and finished getting all 100 up within one week.  It took a lot of work on my part, but they are all up and earning cash.  So how much money was I able to earn with all of the effort that I put in?

Total Info Barrel Earnings In 7 Days: $95 Dollars ($13 per day)

Now you may be wondering why I have only earned this much money… To be completely honest, it’s mostly due to the fact that my pages on there are brand new.  They are not yet marketed and are all about 1.5 weeks old.  When your articles are only about one week old, you are going to need to definitely play the waiting game if you hope to increase their earnings.  Some additional marketing would also be awesome because it would help drive traffic to my Info Barrel pages and really help me make a lot more money.  You should make sure that you are signed up for Info Barrel if you haven’t yet… (yes that is my affiliate link, so of course I’d be happy if you used it to sign up).

What are my future plans with Info Barrel?

I honestly plan to crank out over 500 brand new Info Barrel articles within the next 2 months.  It is a very attainable goal since I will be outsourcing some of my writing.  I am still going to grind away with writing my own stuff, but I know that it will really help to change my average articles per day from 15 to 18…  Adding just 3 more articles per day is going to be really awesome as far as I’m concerned.

Can “anybody” make a lot of money from Info Barrel?

The truth is that anybody can make a lot of money from Info Barrel, but I don’t think that many people will simply due to the fact that they won’t do as much writing as they need to in order to start making money on the internet.  Most people give up well before they start to see the results that keep them motivated.  Most people throw up maybe 10 or 20 articles and think that they should start raking in the dough, but it doesn’t work that way guys.  You have got to throw up massive quantities of stuff and find out what works and what is getting clicks.

What worked for me in order to make money on the internet with Info Barrel

The exact same thing that worked for my HubPages experiment to make money online worked very well for my InfoBarrel experiment.  Since I am much more experienced and learned exactly what niches would work well, I complied over 500 article ideas and began plugging away.  If you hope to start making a lot of money with this website, then you are going to need to do a few simple things.

1. Do keyword research – This will help you get yourself on the right track as far as choosing fairly profitable topics to write about so that each time somebody clicks on an advertisement, you will end up making money.  I simply use Google’s free AdWords Tool and make sure that I am using a good strategy when choosing my keywords.

2. Write a lot of articles – This is a step that a lot of people skip, but in my experience, you will need at least 100 Info Barrels before you start making at least $10 per day from them.  I think my highest earnings from Info Barrel was at around $18 bucks in one day, but I wasn’t really that surprised because I have 100+ articles up there to help me make cash on the internet.

3. Target keywords within your post – Folks, you want to make sure that you are targeting keywords that are uncompetitive within your post.  You want to make the use of your keyword natural as well (i.e. make sure that your sentence makes sense).  Don’t just go spamming your targeted word around your article… I recommend using it about 4 – 5 times total within a 600 word article.  I usually leave a gap of 100 words or so before I use the same keyword twice.

4. Write informative articles – A lot of people write very “trashy” quality articles and that is not for me guys.  If you want to make money in the long-term and increase your earnings potential on Info Barrel, you are going to need to contribute good stuff.  If everyone wrote junk on that site, it would soon start to fall down in the rankings.  Each of my articles is at least 600 words of very quality information.  Do not cop out by writing anything shorter than 450 words…

5. Link to your other Info Barrel articles – This step certainly helped me out with my Hubs, so I presume that it will do great as far as getting me some extra cash on Info Barrel.  I am linking to at least 3 other of my Info Barrel articles within each article.  You want to give your articles some extra juice by linking to them from other stuff that you have written.  Even though it may seem a little bit tedious, I don’t recommend skipping this step!

What I don’t particularly like about Info Barrel

1. Adsense Earnings share subject to change - I honestly don’t care that I don’t own the content as much as I am unsure about whether the Adsense earnings will remain at 75% for the long term.  I honestly think that when this company really starts to boom, they are going to claim more Adsense earnings per article and maybe drop it down to 60% or 50% earnings share.

2. No easy related articles feature – I wish there was some sort of interface that allowed you to easily add links to your related articles at the bottom of each post.  Right now I link out to some of my articles at the end of what I write and I need to make sure that

Why I absolutely love Info Barrel

1. The Contests – They have monthly contests that allow you to earn up to 90% of shared AdSense revenue, which is absolutely phenomenal.  Though it is fairly tough to take down some of their top writers for the #1 spot, I’d say that most of you can do a good job at securing 90% Adsense earnings if you put in a little bit of work.  Plus, their top 3 contest placers usually get some sort of gift card.  First place is usually $100, second place is $50, and third is $25.  I’m not going to let you all know whether or not I won a contest, because I don’t want to draw any attention to myself.

2. The Owners – The owners know how to run the company and are doing a phenomenal job at it.  I really hope that the ownership does not change hands because this site has a ton of potential.  If the ownership does change hands, let’s hope that it is to ME, because I would definitely love to add such a great site to my portfolio!

3. The Approval Process - I actually like how there is a delayed approval process because it helps weed out a lot of garbage content that gets submitted.  This is one aspect that Hubpages is missing that I think they should integrate.  You need to regulate the spammers and make sure that only good stuff is getting posted on your site.  Otherwise you will turn into one big spam farm *cough* Squidoo *cough*… and take a turn for the worse like Hubpages….

4. Instant Search Engine Rankings - You will rank higher in the Google search index with Info Barrel pages than you will with Hubs… You will rank in similar fashion to well-written Ezine articles.  If you do a good job with your IB, you will immediately outrank most (if not all of) your fully-marketed HubPages.

5. 75% Adsense Revenue Share – Having 75% of your revenue on Info Barrel is awesome.  Like I mentioned earlier, you can get it up to 90% if you frequently contribute to writing a lot of articles on a monthly basis.  You would be crazy not to take advantage of this earnings potential.

6. Adsense Layout - Now I know that they could certainly tweak their existing Adsense placement in order to make more money, but what they have actually works well.  They have a decent sized advertisement placed in the upper left corner of their articles and more ads throughout the page.  Yeah they could improve it, but I am pretty satisfied with what they’ve got.  My only suggestion would be to try out some new stuff to see if they can get a slightly higher CTR…

7. Free Strong Backlinks – If you write an article, you can get yourself free, strong backlinks to your websites.  This is another feature that I absolutely love.  If you write a good article that gets a lot of traffic on IB, you are not going to have any problems redirecting some of that traffic to your own sites.  The “link juice” is what matters most though, and you will get plenty of it from this site.

My future goals with Info Barrel

My future goals with Info Barrel are to really take things to the next level and start making $100 per day with the content that I put up on their site.  I have a very good game plan that is going to be flawless and unstoppable in getting me to the place that I want to be as far as Info Barrel earnings are concerned.  The whole key is for me to stay motivated enough to get the work done and seriously bust my ass for the next 2 months in order to get up all 600 keyword-targeted articles that I have.

I really hope that the same administrators stay working with Info Barrel and do not plan on selling the company anytime soon because they are doing a great job running the show.  In all honesty, I wish that I had my own company like this because it has so much potential!  If you haven’t already signed up for Info Barrel, you already know what you need to go ahead and do…

Sign Up For Info Barrel


#1 Hamish on 08.18.09 at 7:43 am

That’s a nice post – very informative. I just started with Info Barrel so thanks for the good advice.

For info – I found your blog via Info Barrell – so you are reaping the benefits there.


Drew Reply:

Thanks Hamish ;)


#2 Mike in Bali on 08.23.09 at 10:06 am

I also just signed up for Infobarrel. I have only a few articles written. 100 articles in a week is pretty impressive. Are your adsense earnings consistent or do they go down a little after the articles have been published for a while?


Drew Reply:

Hey Mike, the earnings are pretty consistent… Friday through Sun drops off slightly.

If they have been published for awhile, you should actually see increases in earnings, not decreases. They gain domain age, which increases their authority.


Mike in Bali Reply:

Ok, great thanks for the reply. Good luck with the new blog. A post on how you can write so many articles quickly would be helpful. I have been building sites for a few years now, but just getting started with article marketing.


#3 Sara on 08.26.09 at 9:28 pm

Are you earning more from infobarrel than Hubpages now then and is your focus going to be more on infobarrel since you can potential earn 90% of the clicks?


Drew Reply:

Well Sara, Hubpages is awfully easy to make money with, but I have a feeling that InfoBarrel is going to be a better money making strategy than HubPages in the long run!


Sara Reply:

Interesting. Perhaps I should also run an experiment with Infobarrel as well. I assumed that hubpages would outrank InfoBarrels is that not the case?


Drew Reply:

That is definitely not the case!

#4 Howie on 08.30.09 at 4:08 am

…after using Squidoo and eHow for quite some time, I came across InfoBarrel yesterday, and will be gradually uploading a folder of 74 articles that I have written over the last year…..and, I’ll also be moving content over from eHow (I don’t know if youv’e ever used eHow, but it’s jam packed with Glitches)….

oh….and, I saw the contests page on the IB website….it does reference that 90% revenue sharing possibility like you said in your post……but, it seems a little vague….

is that only for the month that you submit your articles? Is the 90% permanent for the articles that you submit during that month? Or, is that 90% you could earn across the board for the duration of your time on IB?….

I hope my question makes sense….

All it says is that if you have 30 points you can earn a 90% revenue share…


Drew Reply:

Hey Howie, 90% is only for the month that you upload your articles… (i.e. it’s not permanent) so you’d probably want to get your articles up there as early as possible in the month for maximum benefit. Best of luck!


#5 Crashin on 08.30.09 at 12:40 pm

Hey, is this the Drew that pop’s on Ben’s website :)? Regardless if it is or it isn’t it seems that InfoBarrel is defintely people should be investing in as it will probably be most likely far bigger in a year. Hence why we should jump on the bandwagon now. It amazes me how much you are earning from them already from just 100 articles.

I kept on getting articles rejected; even though English is my main language – it’s because I post several articles linking back to my 5-6 Hubs usually linking to that niche and they don’t like it ;).

Once I get preapproved, then it’ll be great! So far, I ain’t making tons of money although 170 hubs are up (1$ a day) but as you’ve said, you shouldn’t look at the end product is done (hardly any backlinks are up for them).

So I’m guessing you’re making Hubs to link back to the IB’s now, unlike the vice-versa method.


Drew Reply:

Yeah, InfoBarrel has been getting a lot of attention lately and rightfully so – they should be a lot bigger in 1 year.

As far as Hubs go – I’m only making them for website promo now. My Hub earnings have decreased, although InfoBarrel seems to be holding up strong.

To be completely honest, I love InfoBarrel, but my recommendation for anyone wanting to make money is to only use them as supplementary earnings (e.g. don’t rely on them for all of your money)… Use them for promotion and an added income bonus.


Sara Reply:

I totally agree. I was all on the hubpages kick. I cranked out over 100 hubs based on keywords with very high CPC and low competition. I only earn about $20 a month from them total. I think they are great for getting high PR back links to your pages but you will always earn more money from having your own niche site over using Infobarrel or Hubpages.


#6 Michelle Tee on 09.13.09 at 8:02 pm

Thanks for you awesome post on InfoBarrel. I just joined yesterday and submitted six articles already. I hope to get up to at least 500 articles in a few months. :)


#7 Howie on 09.14.09 at 5:09 am

hello…you mentioned the placement of Google ads….in your honest opinion which layout offering, for articles, do you believe has the best placement? (and/or, which one works best for you?)

the How-to Layout? Review? or the Blank article layout?


Drew Reply:

Hey Howie, you’ve got to test it for yourself, but in general – I recommend putting ads above the post title or right underneath it!


#8 Sara on 09.16.09 at 12:51 pm

Just curious how your Infobarrel earnings are doing. I got 2 clicks on my Infobarrels yesterday that have earned more in one day than my 60+ hubs ever have. And I only have 12 Infobarrels up! I’m thinking I should stop hubbing for a bit and just start throwing up articles on Infobarrel now.


Drew Reply:

Hey Sara, my earnings are doing great… pretty much staying the same since I haven’t been adding content to my IB’s… instead I’m working on my own sites. Glad to hear that it is working out for you on IB!


#9 Phil on 09.22.09 at 8:58 pm

Hi: a good article. Just curious what types of topics you write about to get such great earnings…mainly web money-making or do you branch out into other topics? I don’t expect you to tell me keywords, just curious what general topics covert the best. Thanks!


Drew Reply:

Phil, I recommend testing out a wide-variety of topics for yourself to find what works. There are thousands that will work, it’s just a matter of experimentation and testing… Once you find something that works, just keep rolling with it.


#10 Howie on 09.24.09 at 3:07 pm

eHow is currently ranked #22 on Alexa and Quantcast, and Info Barrel is ranked #14,000ish….honestly, in the upcoming weeks and months, I predict that ALOT of people will be gravitating from eHow to Info Barrel….

some have had good experiences with eHow, but once I found IB, I began moving all my articles from eHow….with 2 articles written today, so far, i now have roughly 132 articles up on Info Barrel….

It’s been a process of alot of research and reading to learn how to optimize the articles….


#11 Crashin on 10.03.09 at 12:55 pm

Hey there Drew! How’s your income been going altogether? Since I’m back in school, I’ve hardly had a chance to work on anything but am now earning a similar level to my paper round.

That ain’t loads, but it’s double the amount for hardly doing anything now ;). You a young lad like me if i may ask, or are you a more wise person if you catch my drift ;) Maybe even both!

Hope to hear from you soon and see a great new post on here again!

Crashin :)


Drew Reply:

Hey Crashin, glad to hear you’re doing well w/ earnings as well! The income has been doing well and is definitely growing. I’ll try to write a new post here as soon as I make time.


#12 Emily on 10.29.09 at 12:00 pm

Sounds like your doing well! I just started on Info Barrel and actually had my 5th article I wrote on the main page as the Featured Article. I was really excited. :)What I dont understand is it has had about 800 views and I have made .20 yes TWENTY CENTS! My other articles average about 100 page views so althogh I dont have a lot of articles up yet I do have a lot of page views, I’d say as many as if I did have 100 articles up. So really I feel like If I wrote as many articles as some have it would equal the same amount of views and that time is not worth .20. I like writing but really! I understand that you get paid for clicks etc. not page views but it isn’t looking good, any thoughts? Would really appreciate it!!!Thanks again for your info.


Drew Reply:

Awesome Emily! Some types of articles will get a lot of views, but will not necessarily pay well as far as ads go. If you put up 100 articles, you’ll definitely be earning a lot more.

I suggest using the Google Adwords Keyword tool and looking up the CPC of some things that you’re interested in writing about. If they are able to pay well and a lot of people are looking for advice in that area, you will earn a lot more $ for your time spent writing!


#13 InfoBarrel Ryan on 11.09.09 at 7:22 pm

Haven’t popped by for awhile so I thought I’d drop by and see how things were going.

Hopefully you come back and start hammering out articles again!

I’d love to see an update on your progress!



#14 Rory on 02.11.10 at 7:52 pm

Hey I am just wondering if there are any developments on your infobarrel earnings. Have you put more articles up? Has your income stayed steady at around $13 a day?

I am just wondering about the profitability of infobarrel before I spend a lot of time or money trying to make money there.



#15 Ann Yo on 02.14.10 at 5:56 pm

I had only two articles at Infobarrel but they are earning good so I think this site is growing faster since they have satisfied writers pouring in.


#16 Private Label Articles on 02.23.10 at 10:46 pm

I have been hearing a LOT about InfoBarrel lately. I actually signed up a while ago and then promptly forgot about it. However, I have been looking ways to increase my residual income, so InfoBarrel looks pretty interesting right now. By the way, how are your earnings these days?


#17 Parasite Robin on 06.19.10 at 11:14 am

I had just ONE article with Infobarrel for over a year, so it was easy to track – and it has pretty gopd CTR.

Now I am back to Infobarrel, but my articles are just not getting indexed by Google ! bookmarked, send feed…

Do you do any kind of promotion to your Infobarrel ??


#18 yearight on 07.05.10 at 12:54 pm

you are such a f-ing liar. you didn’t make $95 in a week and you didn’t write 100 articles in a week. infobarrel is a piece of crap website just like hubpages. quit lying to folks to make them think they’ll get rich off of writing unpaid articles SMH


#19 Phil on 07.25.10 at 11:36 pm

Yes InfoBarrel is a great site. I write for them. I have been working 12 hours a day and average 3, max 5 articles a day. NOBODY could write 14 quality articles in one day!
People on the site are amazed at MY output. The only way you could get that many articles up in a day is to have them outsourced, or prewritten…


#20 Al on 07.12.11 at 1:59 am

Can anyone tell me if I can make money on RitePad? It is new so I don’t have much idea.


#21 Lance on 01.04.12 at 8:41 am

I am trying to sign up for InfoBarrel, but they will not send me a verification email, the link seems to be broken. Also, the “contact form is broken as well. Also, I cannot post this on the forum because they will not let someone that is not verified to post a question. please help


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